Charity, July 30, 2012 at8:07 PM

TEN GIRLS TO WATCH Comes Out Tomorrow!!!

Just in case I’ve failed to mention it, my novel, Ten Girls to Watch, comes out TOMORROW!!!! (Yes, this is an all caps, multiple exclamation point situation!!) Want to read a synopsis and some reviews? Tada! Want to buy it? (Yes, you do!) Pop on in to your local bookstore, or hop on over to any of those fine websites listed there in the right hand bar. Want to read the first chapter for free? Check out the Atria Summer Beach-Read Bag. Want me to read the book aloud to you??? Come to my readings!

Fair warning, there are going to be even more exclamation points tomorrow.


  1. Tiffney Pedersen July 31, 2012

    This sounds like my kind of novel.
    Can’t wait to buy it and read it!!!!!!

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