Charity, August 07, 2012 at2:08 PM

That’s Me in Publisher’s Weekly!

I love trade magazines. Most of them sound like fake magazines from 30 Rock — as in Jack Donaghy to Liz Lemon: “Lemon, I am supposed to represent NBC in a negotiation that Rex Belcher, of the American Journal of Meetings, rated ‘Four Chairs.’ Four!” Yeah, there’s actually a magazine called Meetings and Conventions (shout out to my friend Jonathan who used to write for them!) And there are so many more marvelously amusing trade publications. Accountancy Age, Modern Tramway, the Inspectioneering Journal

Well, publishing’s big trade magazine is called Publisher’s Weekly, and an article by YOURS TRULY ran on the back page of the June 30th issue. I give it four chairs, at least! If you’re a subscriber, here it is on the PW website. If you’re more of a Modern Tramway type, here’s a pdf for your squinting pleasure (sorry about that!) If you don’t have your glasses handy, the summary is: I’m working on another novel. I’m really excited about it and also kind 0f scared.

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