Charity, August 07, 2012 at6:08 PM

Your Meta Photos Please, and a Giveaway!

Ah, the layers. A few dear friends sent me these shots, and I love them SO MUCH. If you’ve picked up the book, indulge me! Snap a photo of yourself with the cover and tweet it to me (@CharityShumway) or tag me in Instagram (@charityshumway). I’m going to post ALL OF THEM. And I’ve got three signed copies up for grabs. Send me a photo, and your name goes in the hat!


  1. Sandra August 07, 2012

    What?! I wasn’t the only one?! Pshft! Imposters!

    So am I entered?

    • Charity August 07, 2012

      You are the champion and the very first one! Full credit is yours! And yes, you’re 100% entered. :)

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