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August 07, 2012 at6:08 PM

Your Meta Photos Please, and a Giveaway!

Ah, the layers. A few dear friends sent me these shots, and I love them SO MUCH. If you’ve picked up the book, indulge me! Snap a photo of yourself with the cover and tweet it to me (@CharityShumway) or tag me in Instagram (@charityshumway). I’m going to post ALL OF THEM. And I’ve got three signed copies up for grabs. Send me a photo, and your name goes in the hat!

April 08, 2012 at11:04 AM

Your Stories: Sad Furniture

Sometimes when you’re young, despite your best intentions, your apartment is kind of sad. In Ten Girls to Watch, Dawn has a lot of cardboard furniture. I did too. Also bunkbeds. When I finally “upgraded,” it was to a terrible Ikea chair futon, which was broken and had to be propped up with suitcases, and even then, sometimes you’d shift in the night and the “bed” would collapse. See what I’m saying? Sad furniture.

I bet you had some too! Or maybe even have some STILL. I’d love to hear about it. As would the entire brother and sisterhood of sad furniture owners. Share your story in the comments sometime this week, and if you’re lucky, you just may get an early copy of the book (we’re drawing a winner from the comments!)